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The Prelate's Pulpit

Portrait of Reverand Jim HarrisIllustration of a stained glass window In some ways I dreaded going to the February stated meeting. I knew it might be snowing, it would be cold and dark. However, I forced myself to get dressed, grabbed my robe, and dragged myself into my car to drive to the Consistory.

I was warmly greeted at the door, listened to the new presiding officers open the business meeting in excellent form - not reading their parts. I then enjoyed a good meal with my brothers. Our program with the ladies lifted my spirits as the young man from Children's Hospital gave an inspiring message. Then, the ladies and guests were released to their meeting and the Kadosh officer's line opened our meeting in full ritualistic form.

Yes, I was joyful that I attended. This has been a cold and snowy month. I have shoveled more snow this year than in previous years. Our February meeting was a ray of light. February is a month that begins our transition from Winter to Spring. The ancient preacher Ecclesiastes writes: "...there is a season for everything." Yes, Winter has a purpose, as the snow brings moisture and the coldness allows the tree roots to grow deeper. God has made everything fitting it its time. Winter is a time for me to deepen my spiritual life, to take care of my physical as well as my mention condition.

Also, the days are getting longer, and yes, there IS more light. We Masons know about "light," don't we? Jesus taught us that we are lights of the world and God said, let there be light, and there was light. Spring arrives in March. So, my brothers, can you be a light to another Brother? After all, do not brothers take care of each other? As Masons, we have a duty to improve ourselves, to be a brother, and to remember our Creator.

Let us find those times to be re-energized, recharged, and be ready to really renew. Let us be beacons of light as the world desperately needs more light.

James H. Harris, 33°
Prelate, Denver Scottish Rite

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