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The Prelate's Pulpit

Portrait of Reverend Jim HarrisA graphic of a two pillars in front of a window The Renewal and Remembrance Service was moving at our October meeting, exemplified by the Rose Croix line. It was postponed from our normal April meeting due to COVID restrictions. However, it was very fitting as All Saints Day is November 1st. It is a day we remember those who have gone before us. November 25th is Thanksgiving Day, a day in which we give thanks for our blessings. It is a day which we gather with friends and/or families to share a bountiful meal. It is also the beginning of the Holiday season. Many people get up from the dinner table and go looking for all the sales.

Thanksgiving is really "thanksliving." It is living life in gratitude and giving thanks every day for our blessings.
On this Thanksgiving Day, dear Lord,
Many thanks are most sincere
For all the blessings you bestowed
Throughout the year.

For health, for work, for special joys,
For family and friends,
And for our nation under God,
Your goodness never ends!

But help me understand dear Lord,
And may I clearly see
That one day is not enough
To thank you properly.

And that my many thanks today are small
For gifts you outpour,
Unless I have thanked you for other days
Three hundred sixty four.
I invite you to make a list of all your blessings, all the reasons you have to give thanks, especially for a God who loves you. I thank all of you for all the ways in which our fraternity strives to make us better men and the world a better place.

Rev. James H. Harris, 33°
Prelate, Denver Scottish Rite

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