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Portrait of Ron BirelyA graphic of a two heaaded eagle holding a sword with surmounted by a crown Dear Brothers of the Denver Consistory,

Endowment, it is kind of a funny little word, not one you see used very often. However, this might be the most important word to the next generation of Scottish Rite Masons, in the Denver Valley. Over the last thirty years of my Masonic career, I have witnessed the sale of many Masonic buildings, only to be taken down, or repurposed. Almost without exception, these buildings were sold because the current membership could not afford the maintenance required.

We all understand that a building is a lot like a person. The older we get the more maintenance we require, and the older a building gets the more maintenance it requires. The beautiful Denver Consistory building, with its grand Cathedral, is no exception.

Our forefathers began work on this building in 1924. The cornerstone was laid, with an elaborate Masonic ceremony, on March 20, 1924. Construction continued for more than a year. The Pipe Organ was built into the Dome of the vast Cathedral room, which had seating for 550 people. The dedication ceremony was held on May 14, 1926. The building quickly became the symbol of the Masonic vision of the future here in Denver. That vision of the future is now our responsibility to pass on to future generations.

Several years ago, the Brothers of the Board of the Scottish Rite Masonic Center, were charged with the responsibility of raising funds to support the maintenance of this building. They also realized that we needed an Endowment Fund to support the preservation of this beautiful building, the home of the Scottish Rite Mason, in Denver, well into the future. The sole purpose of this fund would be to provide funding for the future maintenance and preservation of the building. These Brothers also had the foresight to write creating documents of the Endowment Fund, to specify that only the interest income of the endowment can be used for this purpose.

I hope I have given you a reasonable understanding of what we will accomplish with the Endowment Fund. Now that you know what it is, and what we are trying to accomplish, would you please consider the Endowment Fund, either in your personal annual giving, your estate planning, or through the annual giving of other organizations you belong to.

The preservation of The Denver Consistory Building is the Preservation of Scottish Rite Masonry in Denver.

Yours in Faith,

Ronald D. Birely, 33°
Personal Representative, Denver Consistory

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