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"Having a Voice is Life Changing!"

Portrait of Carson Covey Carson Covey has a voice. The title of this writing is a quote by him. He has a remarkable story to tell. Carson was born with Cerebral Palsy. He began therapy at Children's Hospital Colorado and was subsequently a camper at the Talking with Technology Camp conducted by Children's in the summer. After several years of therapy and camp programs, he became a mentor to other campers - helping and encouraging them in using their augmentative and alternative communication devices.

Now 19 years old, Carson has his own company - Editing on Wheels - and is on the staff of Jill Tullman and Associates, LLC - an augmentative and alternative communication Speech-Language Pathology private practice with offices in Centennial and Colorado Springs. Check out his website. Carson has a creative talent and a great personality. He says, "I named my business 'Editing on Wheels' because I have Cerebral Palsy and use a power wheelchair. I talk with an app through an iPad, so my communication needs to be via text, email, or in person."

He attended Chatfield High School and loves football. He was the school football team's photographer/videographer. In 2015, he received the Hero Award from DDRC (Developmental Disabilities Resource Center) in Lakewood. Here is what DDRC published in their 2015 Annual Report - and it is worth repeating here:
"Carson has used technology to be a leader amongst his peers. While attending Easter Seals, he noticed that another participant was getting bullied by an older camper. Though Carson couldn't physically intervene, he used his speech device to ask the bully how he would like it if someone picked on him for having a disability and that he was just continuing the kind of humiliation they all deal with on a daily basis. He stuck with his new friend who was being bullied to ensure that he was included and respected by the rest of the campers. Carson is an exceptional person and deserving of the prestigious DDRC Hero Award."
Children's Hospital Colorado speech-language pathologists helped him find his voice beginning when he was a young child. At the 2019 TWT Camp, he returned, but not as a camper or a mentor. He was contracted by Children's Hospital Colorado as a film producer and editor in preparing a video of the camp.

Carson Covey is joining our RiteCare team as a RiteCare Ambassador. We will introduce Carson at the 7 p.m. program on Monday evening, February 17, 2020, at Denver Consistory. Please plan to attend and give him a warm and deserved Scottish Rite welcome. This program will be one to remember.

Vernon B. Ingraham, 33° GC
Executive Secretary, Scottish Rite Foundation of Colorado

Kristin Uhler, Ph.D.
Kelley Family/Schlessman Family Scottish Rite Masons Chair in Childhood Language Disorders at The Children's Hospital

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