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Portrait of Bill HickeyA cartoon illustration of a man looking at a computer that reads computer down plese think till further notice As we head into the holiday season, a couple of things come to mind. First, my oldest daughter - the one born in Scotland while I was stationed with the navy there - gave me what has to be the greatest Christmas present ever - the Scotch Advent Calendar. It has 24 "wee drams" of various Scotches - some pretty rare, others not so much. Some are probably unheard of on this side of the ocean. In any case, it reminds me that this year is the 8th year of the Whisky College sessions before the annual Burns Supper in January. Our "guide" Stan has a surprise theme for us this year. So, if you haven't made a reservation for that event yet, you'd best do it soon. They have a hard cap on seating (Fire Marshal stuff). And, once they hit it, no more reservations are available. A Word To The Wise Is Sufficient.

Next, this issue has a couple of really good articles - Brother King on the Butterfly Effect, and Brother Hardy's oration about the significance of Freemasonry in our communities.

But, here's something for you to think about: remember our late Brother Gerry Screws? He used to come to the meetings and say "Membership is a CONTACT SPORT!" So, we're always hearing about membership - and dwindling numbers - whether it be in the Consistory or the Craft Lodge (yeah, I know, you folks call it a "Blue" Lodge) or any other organization to which you might belong.

Ask yourself the following question: Are the meetings repetitive, predictable, and/or boring? Because if they are, that is CERTAINLY a major factor in why your members stay away or don't ever come back and if they are bored, why would you expect them to encourage their friends to join a boring group?

Why are we boring? Perhaps it could be because we continue to do the same thing over and over again, all the while sincerely expecting the outcome to change - which is, of course, the definition of insanity. When your members tell you what they expect and want from your organization - they're giving you a chance - and a message. Fail to provide something meaningful or useful to them and they will vote with their feed (and pocketbook). They aren't interested in trivial changes, they want meaningful use of their time. So, think about it the next time you wonder why your seats are empty. The "heyday" of Masonry may well be long past ... but the CRAFT is still relevant. It's our job to make sure that it continues to be so.

William A. Hickey, III, 33°
Editor-in-Chief, Denver Scottish Rite

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