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Valley of Denver, Orient of Colorado

Scottish Rite Freemasonry in Colorado
Portrait of Lawrence Greenleaf
Lawrence N. Greenleaf
On January 26, 1877 an organizational meeting was held in Denver under the direction of Albert G. Mackey, Secretary General and Dean of the Supreme Council, Southern Jurisdiction. At the meeting, Delta Lodge of Perfection was formed and Lawrence N. Greenleaf was elected as its first Thrice Puissant Grand Master. Mackey Chapter of Rose Croix was formed on April 11, 1878 with Brother Greenleaf as Wise Master. September3, 1888, Denver Council of Kadosh was formed followed by Colorado Consistory on October 17, 1888, with Brother Greenleaf as Maser of Kadosh, making him the presiding officer of three of the four bodies. He personally communicated all degrees and was appointed as Deputy of the Supreme Council.

Portrait of Henry Teller
Henry M. Teller
Senator Henry Moore Teller was crowned as the first Sovereign Grand Inspector General in Colorado on October 18, 1882 and served in that capacity for almost 32 years. He was succeeded by three term Governor Alva Adams, who had also been in the First Reunion Class of Colorado Consistory in January 1890. The Second Reunion Class in November 1890 included architect Frank E. Edbrooke, who had recently completed design of the Masonic Temple at 16th and Welton Streets. Colorado received its second Consistory when Rocky Mountain Consistory's four bodies were chartered on October 22, 1919. They met at 1770 Sherman Street in Denver for 73 years until they were merged with Colorado Consistory to form Denver Consistory in September of 1992.

The Colorado Scottish Rite bodies share a common purpose and history dating back to 1877 when the first Scottish Rite organization in the state was created in Denver. The Orient of Colorado currently has three Valleys, Denver, Southern Colorado and Grand Junction, and serve more than 5,000 Scottish Rite Masons by administering the degrees and programs of the Rite.