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Rose Croix Funeral Service

The Rose Croix Funderal Service is one of the most profound rituals that can be performed on a public setting and serves to honor our fallen Scottish Rite brethren with a final tribute of respect and love. It exemplifies and celebrates the lasting inherent value of the Masonic journey. It also serves as an opportunity to show others what it truly means to be a Scottish Rite Mason.


And yet, for too long, many of our Brothers have passed along to the Celesital Lodge above without receiving the Rose Croix Funeral Service, to which they are entitiled. Many times, this happens because a Brother or his family do not know to request one.

Do not wait until it is too late!

Whether you are desirous of receiving the Rose Croix service or not, please take a few minutes to fill out the brief webform below so the Consistory is aware of your choice. This will be noted in your member record. You may update this at any time by revisiting this page and resubmitting the form.

Once the form is submitted, the Consistory office will receive your request and you will receive a confirmation email that includes a printable document that indicates your decision as well as instructions and contact information for the Consistory that can be placed with your final paperwork.

This whay your family know of your decision and can easily reach out to inform the Consistory or your passing and, if desirous, arrange for the Rose Croix Funeral Service.