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Society of the Knights of Saint Andrew

A crossed escutcheon overlaid with a saltire and helmWho are the Knights of Saint Andrew?
The Knights of Saint Andrew (KSA) is an organization within the Scottish Rite limited only to "black hat" 32° Scottish Rite Masons. Our purpose is to serve our Consistory in any way called upon and to give 32° members a way to get involved and broaden their Scottish Rite experience. Knights are designated by a tartan sash worn at all Scottish Rite functions. Many Knights choose to wear kilts, though they are not a uniform and not required. There is a one time fee of $75 to join, and all new members are Knighted in a ceremony held two to four times a year.

If you are a member of the Denver Scottish Rite and are interested in joining the KSA, please complete the application for membership.

General Duties of the KSA in Denver
  • Ushering at stated meetings for anyone called to the East
  • Assisting guests in finding seats and making sure everyone gets up and down the steps safely
  • Semi-annual cleanup days at our Scottish Rite Masonic Center generally just before each reunion
  • Joining the officers at the main entrance before meetings to greet attendees
  • Security/Presence during other events at the building, Masonic or public
Portait of David Spence
Anthony Clark, 32°
Venerable Master
Regular KSA Chapter Meetings
  • 1st Mondays of each month at 7:00pm, dark in July, August and September
  • Scottish Rite Education program at most meetings including lectures and discussion of the degrees, Scottish Rite history, and Masonic debates
  • General chapter business similar to any Blue Lodge
Special Events
  • Robert Burns Supper: An evening held in late January every year to honor the Poet Laureate of Scotland and Freemason, Robert Burns. The evening features Celtic food including Haggis, entertainment and Burns' poetry. It is the main fundraiser for the KSA in our effort to support our Cathedral Association, Rite Care, and other Masonic charities
  • 29th Degree: Starting at the fall reunion of 2014 the Denver KSA has been tasked to present the 29th Degree utilizing current and emeritus Knights
A group of Knights, accompanied by other Brothers and guests, regularly gather at a local establishment after each KSA Chapter meeting and stated Consistory meetings. All are welcome to join us in Harmony.

A group photo of the 2016 Knights of Saint Andrew
2016 Knights of Saint Andrew
Contact Us
Questions? We're here to help! Feel free to write, email, or visit us on Facebook.
Mike Lazalde, 32°, Secretary
Society of the Knights of Saint Andrew
1370 Grant Street
Denver, CO 80203

Facebook: Knights of St. Andrew