Highly Blessed and Favored
By Larry E. Tygart, Sr., 32° KCCH
Yes, I'm blessed and highly favored. That is a gift to all of us from the Grand Architect of the Universe. As most people say, I also said it in my past, when asked how you are, the canned response is "I'm good." As I have been exposed to more diverse cultures and references as to how I am, it has changed over the years. I, at one time, responded: "I'm good" to a very intensely religious person, and was met with a curt response, "Only God is Good, you can only be well or some other variable to that statement, but not good." Taking it to heart, I began to utilize other statements to avoid saying "I'm good." "I woke up this morning," "I am as well as can be expected," etc. You know the routine. It was not until I became …read more

Member Spotlight
By Danny L. Tomlinson, 32° KCCH
Our member spotlight this month will focus on a member of "The Greatest Generation" - our 92 year old Brother Herbert Hoover Shull. And yes, he is named for President Herbert Hoover. Brother Herbert is a veteran of the Korean War and the Vietnam War, having served in the United States Army Air Corps, later the US Air Force for 22 years before retiring as a Master Sergeant in 1968. Although Brother Herbert always has been and continues to be a staunch Democrat, his father was a staunch Republican and named his son after the Republican 31st President of the United States, Herbert Hoover. Herbert was the 10th of 14 siblings, seven boys and seven girls. His dad was running out of names …read more

The Prelate's Pulpit
By Rev. James H. Harris, 33°
The Renewal and Remembrance Service was moving at our October meeting, exemplified by the Rose Croix line. It was postponed from our normal April meeting due to COVID restrictions. However, it was very fitting as All Saints Day is November 1st. It is a day we remember those who have gone before us. November 25th is Thanksgiving Day, a day in which we give thanks for our blessings. It is a day which we gather with friends and/or families to share a bountiful meal. It is also the beginning of the Holiday season. Many people get up from the dinner table and go looking for all the sales. Thanksgiving is really "thanksliving." It is living life in gratitude and giving thanks every day for our …read more

Is "Doing the Right Thing" Engough?
By William B. Achbach, 32° KCCH
In the 31st Degree we're confronted with the very complex and even controversial issue of "judgment." As portrayed in the work as you'll recall, the issue arises in the context of eternal judgment. The ancient Egyptian gods, sitting in judgment of the soul of a man named Cheris, present the fundamental questions for us to consider among them. On what basis should a person be judged for "deeds done in the flesh?" Should judgment consider an absolute standard only? Does human imperfection legitimately play a role in what constitutes a reasonable standard for judgment? Do motives matter, or or are only actions or outcomes a proper subject for judgment? Can a "wrong action" be …read more