Editor's Trestle-Board
William A. Hickey, III, 33°
Strange word that #x2026; "emergence." The variant "emergency" isn't really applicable here, so we'll skip that part of the etymology. "Emergence" is the appearance of a new property in the course of the evolution something. So, let's think about this for a minute: when COVID first became a serious concern, and we were forced to sequester ourselves from each other, restrict public appearances, and maintain distances (I won't call that "social" at all, because it's not) from others #x2026; we all had to make a lot of adjustments - call this a new EMERGING behavior on our part #x2026; we made them in our personal, work, and social lives. I'm pretty sure many of us thought this wouldn't be …read more

Member Spotlight
By Danny L. Tomlinson, 32° KCCH
This month's Member Spotlight focuses on Illustrious Brother Bob Gregory. It's been a privilege for me to know Illustrious Brother Bob for a few years and to be able to spend several hours on the phone with him preparing this month's Member Spotlight column. Brother Bob has been involved in virtually every possible Masonic organization for more than fifty years, and it's doubtful that you haven't also met him somewhere and at sometime in your Masonic travels. Bob was born and grew up in Greeley, Colorado, where his parents owned a men's clothing store - Gregory's for Men. Bob's dad and grandfather, a tailor, had opened the business after his father returned from …read more

Masonic Education
By William B. Achbach, 32°
I#x2026;NEED#x2026;YOUR#x2026;INPUT! We hear a lot about it#x2026; Research indicates that we enjoy stated meetings more when it's included#x2026; The MW Grand Master expects it at every Blue Lodge meeting, and our P.R. and Deputy both value it highly#x2026; But what is it exactly: this creature we call "Masonic education?" Is it, metaphorically, like art ("I don't know Masonic Education, but I know what I like")? To some extent, that's probably true for all of us. Some of the best educational experiences I've personally had in Lodge occurred when I had no idea what was coming as the program started! Is it ritual and floorwork instruction? It …read more

Prelate's Pulpit
James H. Harris, 33°
The annual Spring festival goes back to the Greeks who paid homage to Cybele, the mother figure of the Gods, and the Romans dedicated an annual Spring festival to the mother of their gods. In 16th century England, a celebration called "Mothering Sunday" was a day set aside for visiting one's mother. Sometime during the day they attended special church services with their mothers. Anna Jarvis's mother died in 1905 and she wanted a national day to honor all mothers. On May 10, 1908, a Mother's Service was held at the Grafton Methodist church. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill …read more